Popular Cupcake Pairings

or see our cupcake flavors page and create your own combination of cake, filling, and icing!

Classic Flavors:

vanilla | buttermilk cake, vanilla buttercream

grandma’s | buttermilk cake, fudge icing

black and white | chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream

chocolate | chocolate cake, fudge icing

Gourmet Flavors:

salted caramel | dark chocolate cake, caramel buttercream, caramel drizzle, fleur de sel

pink lemonade | pink lemonade cake, lemon buttercream

coffee | coffee cake, coffee buttercream

cookies & cream | chocolate cake, cookies & cream icing

pumpkin latte | pumpkin spice cake, coffee buttercream

Premium Filled Flavors:

tuxedo | chocolate cake, cheesecake mousse filling, chocolate mousse icing, ganache drizzle

boston cream | buttermilk cake, bavarian cream filling, fudge icing

dulce de leche | buttermilk cake, dulce de leche filling, vanilla buttercream icing, caramel drizzle

mango | almond cake, mango curd filling, mango mousse icing

red velvet | red velvet cake, cheesecake mousse filling, cream cheese icing

snickers | dark chocolate cake, snickers baked in, peanut butter icing, caramel drizzle